Pure Beauty
City living comes with its own set of enemies for your skin. Keep it protected from the harsh environment of the urban jungle with Pure Beauty. Its Urban Shield Complex provides total protection that keeps harmful elements at bay and your skin radiant and fresh.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science

Modern city living can be remarkably tough on our skin. The reality of residing in cities which are subject to considerable air pollution can have a direct and negative impact on skin’s health, if left unprotected. Skin can become stressed, dull and tired looking.

Pure Beauty recognises the importance of the Free Radical Theory of Ageing, thus we have carefully selected pomegranate extract as one of our base ingredients.

The Urban Shield Complex is formulated with three ingredients to provide total protection to your skin.
Lespedeza capitata extract protects skin from blue light-induced oxidative stress.
Drumstick seed extract purifies and cleanses skin for protection against fine-dust pollutants.
Maracuja seed extract is a potent antioxidant with photo-aging protection and heat-protection properties.

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